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Consisting of non self-priming, switched in parallel, horizontally-mounted stainless steel high-pressure centrifugal pumps in glanded versions, for which each pump is fitted with a frequency converter.

Ready for connection with stainless steel pipework, mounted on a base frame, including control device with all necessary measurement and adjustment equipment.

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wiring way 3 diagram cor tekswitch diagram base website cor

Post code. Installation site. This website uses cookies for functional, comfort and statistic reasons. If you accept the usage of cookies, please click "I agree". You can read more at our legal information.This wiring allows you to get tones similar to humbucking pickups, as well as single coil combinations not normally available. You even get thin, pawn shop guitar tones! All done without permanently altering your guitar. A hint taken from a review of a new signature guitar prompted me to see how his original guitar is wired.

I'm pretty positive that this is it. Wiring Highlights: 3 single coil wiring : the "Mega Strat" revision 4. The following diagrams are shown as wiring diagrams rather than schematics for the benefit of the novice. ALL of the diagrams below may be adapted to any volume and tone control arrangement.

3-Way Switch (Multiple Lights)

It is important to understand the concept of the volume and tone controls to adapt some of these diagrams to your guitar. If the diagram you wish to use does not show volume and tone controls, use another diagram as reference and see just how these controls work. It shouldn't be too difficult, and once you see how these controls are wired, you can easily add them to any diagram.

Commercial licensing is available. Please contact GTC for details.This article describes one reliable, simple, and universal method of interfacing MaxTrac, Radius, and GM series of Motorola mobile radios to common repeater controllers. There are at least two methods that can be used to connect repeater controllers to MaxTracs I'll use this generic name from now on to cover all varieties of this radio : the method proposed by the author, and the method you - the reader - end up using.

There are an unknown, yet sufficiently large, number of interested readers on our planet; I'm not forcing you to use any particular method, but as this is simple, works, and requires very few external components, there's no reason to fight it.

If you don't have, or want to buy the detailed service manual for the radios, or don't understand or wish to learn the workings of the electronic circuits, then you should appreciate the time and effort that went into collecting all of the information presented in this article. While this article covers the MaxTrac and Radius mobile radio models, most of the GM models are similar and can use the same methods, however some pin numbers may be different, so always check the service manual for GMspecific details.

The MaxTrac has interface signals brought out via the 5- or pin accessory jack on the rear of the radio, and the 8-pin RJ45 MIC jack on the front of the radio. I'd rather not butcher a nice radio. Unfortunately, the 5-pin and pin accessory jacks are quite different. They do not provide all the signals a repeater controller needs, may require additional programming, and use unique plastic bodies and metal contact pins.

Luckily, the front panel MIC jack is present on EVERY MaxTrac-family radio, and cables and connectors are relatively easy to come by - simple computer network cables can often do the job.

Because the MIC jack is universal, this is the method I use. Doing so also eliminates the need to program the pin accessory jack for the functions you'd need for your controller. There are enough possible combinations that you almost have to be a Motorola employee to understand them all.

Why fight with it when there's a simpler means of getting the job done. So, now that we've given up on the accessory jacks and decided to use the front panel MIC jack, here are the signals the stock radio provides:. Here's how the RJ45's pins are oriented on the front panel of a Radius radio. Click on the image for a larger view:.

The MIC jack shares a circuit board with the front panel volume control and power switch, as well as the Hear-Clear circuitry on MHz radios. One single cable runs to a connector on the logic board: P8. Note that the GM radios use a pin connector and it's wired differently; use the table below this one.

On MHz radios, a Hear-Clear hybrid module is mounted to this circuit board, and microphone and receiver audio signals are routed through it. These radios use the pins slightly differently.

Note that the spare pins on the RJ45 jack pins 1 and 2 are not wired to anything. If you wish to use these pins, you will need to add your own wire underneath the circuit board, as shown in a later section:. The handset audio signal is obtained from the top of the volume control. See the text below for details.

All audio levels were measured with a Fluke true RMS digital multi-meter using a sine wave input or modulating signal of Hz. This can be done with an open-collector transistor or a dry relay contact. It supplies about 1mA of current and a 2.

The threshold voltage is about 1.Carrier's connected Cor thermostat does a good job of controlling your home's temperature remotely, but isn't as feature-rich as the competition. More than a century ago, Carrier literally invented modern air conditioning, but with the advent of smart thermostats, the company has to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, Carrier's newest thermostat doesn't innovate as much as the competition.

wiring way 3 diagram cor tekswitch diagram base website cor

Similar to the Ecobee3the square Carrier Cor looks like a modern piece of tech, instead of boasting the retro-chic circular designs of the Nest and Honeywell Lyric. Like the Ecobee3, the Cor's corners are slightly rounded, and the front of the 4 x 4 x 1-inch thermostat is black, with a large, color touch-screen in landscape mode. It's not the most interesting design, but it's relatable for those who are used to smartphones. Although Carrier insists a professional technician should install the Cor, the thermostat went in the same way as others, such as the Ecobee3 and Nest.

The technician attached the base plate to the wall, plugged in the appropriate wires into the base plate and then attached the front of the Cor to the base plate. Like the Ecobee3, the Core doesn't have a built-in battery, and requires a C, or common wire, to get power. Unlike the Ecobee, though, the Cor doesn't have an adapter kit, so if you don't have a C wire running from your furnace to your thermostat, you'll have to have one installed.

wiring way 3 diagram cor tekswitch diagram base website cor

I then went through the on-screen setup process, which involved connecting to my home's Wi-Fi network and setting my desired temperatures for heating and cooling. In all, it took less than half an hour. While the Cor's on-screen interface was colorful, I found it less intuitive than other thermostats. For example, when I tried to set up a heating and cooling schedule, it wasn't clear that I was selecting weekends, and not weekdays.

On the main screen, the same two arrows control both the heat and cool temperatures; you only know if you're changing, say, the heat by a thin white border that wraps around the arrows and the heat icon. The home screen shows the current temperature and humidity inside your home, and a large weather icon gives you an indication as to what's going on outside. Similar to the Ecobee3 and the Nest, the Cor thermostat has a motion sensor, which brightens the screen automatically when you walk by.

Unlike its competitors, though, this motion sensor isn't used to automatically switch from away to home mode if it detects someone, which is a lost opportunity.

Also, for a forward-looking device, the interface could look more futuristic. Maybe I'm too used to my iPhone, but the Cor's icons all look a bit dated. Similar to how the Ecobee3 is set up, Carrier's iOS app mirrors that of the Cor's on-screen interface. However, whereas Ecobee's app is presented in portrait mode, Carrier's shows up in landscape mode, making it more inconvenient if you want to use it one-handed.

As a thermostat, the Carrier Cor performed well. It turned on when it should and turned off when the temperature in my apartment hit the desired level. The Cor also responded quickly when I made adjustments using the iPhone app.

The Smart Setback feature helps save energy by monitoring the temperature and humidity in your home as well as outside, and adjusting when it turns on your heating and cooling system for the best efficiency.

The Cor can also be set to remove excess humidity by running the cooling system longer, as well as helping prevent condensation on windows. However, the Carrier Cor isn't the smartest of smart thermostats.

It doesn't work with other smart home devices like the Nest and the Ecobee3 do. For example, you can't trigger the heat to go on when you open the front door to your house.

Nor does the Cor use geofencing, like the Honeywell Lyric does, to automatically turn on your heat when you get near home.

Basic Electricity - HVAC Training

Outside of its touch screen and app, there's nothing that distinguishes the Carrier Cor from other connected thermostats. It doesn't have extra sensors like the Ecobee3doesn't offer geofencing like the Honeywell Lyric and doesn't work with other smart home devices, like the Nest does.

Plus, Carrier requires that you get it installed by a technician. While the Cor works well, it wouldn't be my first — or even second — choice of connected thermostats.Upgrade your original Telecaster or Expand the switching of your Tele with a 4-way mod switch that combines the Upgrade your original Gibson or Gibson style guitar with the highest quality electric parts Upgrade your original Gibson or Gibson style guitar with the highest quality electric Upgrade your original Telecaster or Tele style guitar with Upgrade your original Telecaster or Tele style guitar with the Upgrade your original Jazz Bass or J-Bass style instrument with the highest quality electric parts available.

Get the full Switchcraft three position guitar toggle switch with nickel finish. Short body switch for use on instruments with shallow control cavities.

Wiring Diagrams

Chrome 3-way toggle switch pickup selector. The original heavy duty switch used by Jackson, Dean, Schecter and countless others. Say no to cheap quality copies that look the same! Use on any guitar or bass with two pickups. Chrome Finish Includes Gotoh Gold 3-way toggle switch pickup selector. Gold Finish Includes Created with Sketch. Toggle menu. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0.

Shop By Brand GuitarElectronics. Shop by Brand GuitarElectronics. Quick view Details. Choose Options. Add to Cart. Switchcraft sku: SWT Gotoh sku: SWT View Details. Quick view.We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Read our cookies policy. Household Bills. About the site. MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed. Martin's blog.

New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! Can anyone confirm that what I've done in trying to replace the pull switch in my bathroom is Ok?

When I took the cover off the old switch after flicking the stopper for the lights circuit first of course there were three wires.

wiring way 3 diagram cor tekswitch diagram base website cor

A green and yellow wire going to a point on the rim of the ceiling mount fixture of the switch A red wire screwed in to a point marked "COM" A black wire with a red sleeve screwed to "L1" There was also an L2 with nothing screwed into it The instructions for the new light stated for a 1 way switch with 3 wires: one wire should go to a simalar point near the rim of the fitting which I attached the green and yellow to, as it was beforeone wire to COM which I attached the red one to, as it was beforeand one wire to L2 which I attached the black with red sleeve to.

I left L1 empty - as per the diagram It all seems to work fine, but I was just wondering if I should have it attached to L1 as it previously was, if I should follow the manufacturers instructions, or if in deed there is any difference between the two?

If there is a difference, what is it, and do I need to change anything? Additionally the diagram showed the earth and L2 wires coming through one gap from the ceiling through the top of the ceiling mount fitting and the COM wire coming through another gap on its own.

Due to the short lengths of wire available to work with out of the ceiling I had to feed the earth and COM wire through the same gap in the ceiling mount fittingand the L2 through the other on it's own. I'm assuming this is Ok as the wiring runs all through the house next to all the other wires? Any advice to put my mind at rest is greatley appreciated. With a pull cord as long as one cabe is connected to COM and the other is connected L1 or L2 and and the earth cable does not go into any of these terminals it going to work.

I would always follow the manufacturers instructions, and it sounds to me like you've done it right although note I'm a DIYer not an electrician. Thanks for the replies. My mind is now at ease Just a side thought - Under what circumstances would you need a two way switch using both L1 and L2? Why would you have 4 wires?

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