While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The four of you were friends for a while and things were soon going to change. You were confident that your friendship was strong enough to withstand this one more change. The captain of the volleyball team and vice captain of the softball team may seem like an odd pairing, but Keiji Akaashi is convinced it will be perfect.

He sits behind the scenes, pulling strings to get you and Kotarou Bokuto to admit your feelings for each other. After noticing something very strange during a lecture, everything changes. You are drawn into a kind of game that is plagued by darkness. They call it The Hunt and before you can even blink, the strange glowing eyes of your classmates watch your every move. They only want to play the game but even you notice that it is becoming way more profound than they want it to be.

Even the hunters can become the hunted. And if you aren't careful, their glow might rub off on you. I'm sorry if this book is gonna have a lot of Yamaguchi x Reader stuff, author-chan had madly fallen for Yams.

Chance ball or free ball is when the ball comes over and is not an attack. Its a notification to the front row hitters to go to their position and get ready to hit. Where you find yourself falling for Captains, though it all started when your friend, Astrid manage to drag you off towards a practice match between Karasuno and Auba Johai.

I want to post these for people who might enjoy reading them. They aren't bringing in many veiws on Wattpad so I am afraid that might not be the place for these so I will try them here.

Requests are welcome and I have a fairly large number of animes I can pull from. Anything from drabble to fluffy to lemons In his eyes, you saw the warmth of the golden sun—like a memory taken from you, but never really forgot. Akaashi is your best friend who you'd had a secret crush on for as long as you can remember. Bokuto is his secret boyfriend. So what happens when Bokuto starts to look at you a little differently than before.?

This just wormed it's way into my head and it wouldn't let me sleep until I finished and posted it.

jealous akaashi x reader

It's 4 am. Please enjoy. There is no way of knowing if you have a soulmate until you hit a certain age when everything changes. Suddenly, you might need to start thinking of someone other than yourself. Some find it harder to realize what changed, others have an easier time, eventually, everyone has someone. Lmao enjoy.You were in the same class as Kenma. His teammates were watching him wide-eyed when he made his way to the sports hall, bringing you along. Never seeing him with a girl, what shocked them, even more, was that he was fully engaged in a conversation with you - telling you about his newest game.

There were not many others who showed up for the position of the manager. You got along with every one of them, you had no struggle getting to know them as they were welcoming you with open arms - especially Yamamoto.

It was nighttime only a few minutes before curfew, you were on your way to their room. You could already hear them as you were walking through the halls. The ruckus quickly fell silent when you opened the door, glaring at them.

haikyuu x reader

Sending death glares to the captain, as he should be the one in charge. Why do I have to remind you about curfew every single night?

"Corrupting You Sweetly.." A Villain Deku, Bakugou, And Shoto x listener p1 ASMR/BNHA Sammich Ver

Kuroo flopped down onto his futon. Pulling your hips down, you were sitting on his lap, your back pressed against his chest. You tried to free yourself, failing when he wrapped his strong arms around your torso. Not wanting you to leave. Yaku being the angel he is, stood up and came over to help you. However, when Kuroo wanted to adjust his hold on you, he accidentally moved one of his hands too high, squeezing your left boob. You let out a small moan, which seemed a lot louder as it echoed through the room.

All eyes focused on you, your sweet sound switching something inside all of their brains. Biting your earlobe in such a seductive way, making a shiver run down your spine as you felt a heat spread in your lower regions.

But it felt so wrong, he wanted to get you out of this situation. Kai and Yaku were telling him to stop, which seemed to fall on deaf ears as he was continuing his ministrations.

His hands were moving over your body before resting them on your waist.Swan Princess Masterlist. Keep reading. Needless to say, you were the embodiment of tiredness.

You had eye bags and you could barely keep your eyes open. Your hair was slightly disheveled from not having time to make it this morning since you were nearly late.

You saying that really made me feel better. Tsukishima sighed. You looked at it, your eyes not focusing on the words for a while. Kageyama texted you. Going on dates was something you usually looked forward to, but with the lack of sleep, you really wanted to go home right after school. You need to prioritize sleeping. Kageyama will understand if you say no. He was able to read the message from over your shoulder because of his height compared to yours. You took a deep breath and exhaled.

You pouted at him. You really wanted to go on this date with Kageyama. Just get some sleep because you look like you aged 50 years. You can be a real jerk sometimes, but I knew being friends with you would pay off eventually!

Luckily the nurse believed you when you said you had a migraine and told you to rest. You were finally getting that much needed shut eye that you were neglecting.

Class finally ended and school was released for the day. Despite the loud rukus of kids shuffling to get out, you still slept away. Kageyama looked worriedly at his phone. You usually responded within minutes of him sending a text. The more he thought about it, the more he worried. Tsukishima had yet to tell him of your whereabouts due to Kageyama being in a lower class.

Just as he thought, you had passed out! You probably fainted at the idea of finally going on a date together.

Kageyama knew where he had to go. Not my problem. Kageyama sprinted down the hallways, accidentally pushing people along the way. After all, he was the one who caused you to pass out. It was only right if he was there to nurse you back to health. Slightly out of breath, he slid open the doors.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

jealous akaashi x reader

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. A series of reader-insert one shots with the Haikyuu!! It's my first work and its super self-indulgent lmao XD.

But I'm open for requests which can be left in the comments. I'll list the one shots I've already added to make it a bit more convenient for the readers! The line that keeps dreams from turning into nightmares is thin and can easily be erased.

Just like this, a sting at your wrist doesn't only change the moment - It changes the whole future. Akaashi knows the feeling of helplessly facing fate.

Either someone reaches out to you to pull you out of the dark or you end up being eaten by it. This is one giant compilation of requests and one-shots I have written on Tumblr, wattpad, and deviant art. Some of them are noticeably old so get ready for cringe. These are x reader love stories Old scars will be ripped open while new ones only try to heal, there will be trust issues and argues, fights and confusion, but also harmony.

This is a story of a woman, who had given up on everything, finding a reason to stand up and fight once again. From childhood all the way up to high school, volleyball had always been a constant in your life.

For some reason, you really weren't looking forward to your first year at Karasuno, but with the help of your friend's insistence, you submit your volleyball application anyways.

Routine can destroy a relationship, they say. Even the best relationships aren't perfect, they say. Drabbles written based on some prompts for some Haikyuu!! Just wanted to practice some writing. The weather outside is shit, and to make matters even worse, you're probably sick. It becomes not so bad though when you have a run in with a good friend of yours, who seems persistent on making sure that you don't cough to death in your home. No one said that if you retired as a secret agent, they could still call you as if you weren't retired and then give you an assignment without your permission.

Volleyball first, Photography second. And it had always been this way for Akaashi Keiji. That was, until you suddenly appeared before his lens and immediately topped everything else that he thought mattered. Top of Work Index.Originally posted by akaashiisbae. Originally posted by dailyhaikyuu. Originally posted by sairenji. Like they start off by picking up small things about her and they realise that they just want her to be happy : thank you!

Have a great day, stay safe!! Originally posted by sportsanimedaily. Keep reading. Hi hi!!! Originally posted by houseofkarasuno. Originally posted by mikaslut. Originally posted by yuseols. Originally posted by genosus. Originally posted by aishitetsuro. Originally posted by volleygifs.

Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou. This was requested by an Anon! They originally requested for Hajime to be in the mix, but in order to get the four main aspects of the four teams we all know and love, I decided to switch out Hajime with Bokuto! The whole team suddenly silents to look up at the newcomer who entered the gym, bags of food in their hands with a sweatdrop on their forehead.

You grin a little nervously, setting the bags of food down when Yaku and Inuoka both rush up to you with widened eyes. Yamamoto immediately hides behind Kenma, a blushing mess as Kenma sighs, ignoring the shy yet intimidating boy to pause his game. Kai claps Kuroo on the shoulder, looking at him with a look that said seriously? What brings you by?

The rest of the team gapes at the interaction.You were a cheery girl, you got along with anyone easily, you were respectful, smart and kind. You got along well with a certain 3rd year, who was noisy, childish, and had terrible mood swings. You two have known each other for a while, since grade school. But neither of you approached each other until high school, where you met his calm and collect best friend: Akaashi Keiji.

He enthralled you, he was mature, always calm. However, he was quiet, he barely talked to you, even thought you were practically Bokuto's long lost little sister.

jealous akaashi x reader

But his silence didn't stop you from trying to talk to him. You always tried to make small talk with him, but it always ended up with the most awkward silence, some times he would want to end the conversation, only to which you pouted and walked away.

Sometimes he was cold, but you couldn't help falling in love with him. You wanted to have a closer relationship with him, even if you guys would stay a friends. Akaashi sighed, he had helplessly fallen in love with you, when ever you tried to talk to him, his heart would beat erratically, in which he would have to leave so he could calm down. But he believed you wouldn't return your feelings, you were really close to his best friend, and he thought that his feelings were one-sided.

However, he didn't want to keep going like this for the next year and a half of his life. He had to some how confess to you, even though he wasn't shy, when it came to you, he couldn't maintain eye contact for more than 2 minutes, other wise his cheeks would flare a crimson red, he learned his timing the hard way, you had thought he was sick when his blush was present, and your soft hand against his forehead, which didn't help with the blood rushing to his cheeks.

His hands shook a little as he tried to write as neatly as he could on a slip of paper. He didn't reply, he didn't trust his voice at the moment. He offered you a nicely folded slip of paper, which you took curiously, and read it.

I love your smile, you laugh, and how you're nice to those who don't deserve it. I know I'm probably not good enough for you, but I just wanted to get this out. You gasped lightly as you read the note. You folded the note and put it away.

You walked to Akaashi and placed your arms around his chest and hugged him.

jealous akaashi x reader

He jumped slightly at your embrace, but relaxed into it. He sat depressingly in the corner of the room, muttering something inaudible to himself over and over. You slipped out of Akaashi's embrace and knelled down behind him patting him on the back, saying:. She's somewhere out there!You squealed at your phone as you watched your favourite idol preform live, rolling around on your boyfriends bed as he invited you to come over and help him study for his test. Bokuto studying? Impossible He tried to focus on his textbook, but failing as you started to scream sing along to the songs.

He froze and took a minute to observe your crazed fan-girl state, he watched you stare at your phone with admiration with a bright smile on your face. Something seemed to bubble within the boy that made him shift uncomfortably in his seat. He waited for a moment, but failed. His pout grew and he decided to snap his textbook closed. However, the volume coming from your phone over powered the loud noise. He turned your phone off, the room filled with silence.

Bokuto's face twisted into an ugly pout. Your anger quickly washed away as you looked at him with concern. Did you finish studying? You stared at him with an angered-confused expression. You rolled your eyes, it was now obvious he was jealous of you fawning over someone else but him, you could of been straight forward, but you decided to play along.

A devilish smile danced across your lips as you replied to his obvious lie. He sat in the corner of his room with his textbook, his back facing away from you. You felt a little guilty and walked over to his depressed form. He stood up and turned to face you, kissing your lips suddenly. You kissed back happily. His darkened expression quickly faded as he thought about to what you said.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Genre:Fluff [This is reposted from my Wattpad account] You squealed at your phone as you watched your favourite idol preform live, rolling around on your boyfriends bed as he invited you to come over and help him study for his test.

Fed up with being ignored, Bokuto strode over to you and snacked your phone from your hands. Likes Comments 1.

◇ Jealous ◇ Bokuto Koutaro X Reader

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