Guys like this arguably look like horribly deformed mutants — yet synthol use read: abuse is undeniably a trend in the world of bodybuilding, with more and more guys taking this stuff. If you want to build muscle and strength, getting enough protein is key. The High Protein Cheat Sheet is a handy reference guide that shows you which foods are highest in protein, so you can easily add more protein to your diet!

Now I know — or at least hope — that readers of this blog would never be so stupid as to take this shit…. But in the interest of education and to satisfy a perverse curiosityI wanted to write an article that helped to shed some light on what synthol actually is, and why you are seeing a glut of synthol abusing creatures popping up around the internet.

First of all, lots of people think that synthol is some sort of steroid. This is not true. In fact, synthol has been used for years by professional bodybuilders that want to enhance the appearance of lagging muscles before competitions. They would inject this concoction of oil into the appropriate area, and voila, instant muscle growth. If synthol is nothing new, then, you might be wondering why you are suddenly seeing it all over the internet.

Well, this is fueled by a fairly recent adoption of this stuff in several Latin American countries. Yes, the synthol epidemic is largely driven by a huge increase in usage in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Taking synthol is a quick and easy way to look big and muscular without actually having to lift weights or be strong!

Synthol users generally come off as ridiculous parodies of bodybuilders with none of the proportionality or aestheticism. The injected muscles often have a soft, spongey look to them — like giant inflated balloons that would burst if you pricked them with a pin.

It is not a look that screams strength, at least not in most of the world where thankfully these images are often met with derision. By and large, more people seem to be more accepting, if not down-right appreciative, of this grotesque look in countries like Brazil, judging from local news reports on synthol users from such countries.

And this is likely why we are seeing synthol usage largely confined to these countries at the moment. Well, aside from the obvious point that abusing synthol will make you look clownishly absurd — and will likely leave you permanently deformed — there are some other serious health risks to shooting yourself with this crap.

For staters, it is not at all uncommon for synthol users to suffer site infections, leading to the build-up of massive amounts of pus that needs to be drained. There is also the risk of significant scarring, which can reduce blood supply to the area. If left untreated, this can result in gangrene and eventual amputations of limbs. Even worse, synthol abuse has been known to lead to staph infections, which can ultimately spread through the body and be fatal.

Synthol is nothing more than a flimsy way for people to lie to themselves about how big and strong they are. Do you know anyone that takes synthol? Let us know your thoughts on this unfortunate trend in the comments below. The High Protein Cheat Sheet. We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.I have to admit, I debated long and hard about running this interview.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it and I have nothing against Dorian Yates. In fact, I'm under the impression that he's a good guy. The thing is, this is an interview that could have appeared in any bodybuilding magazine. In other words, Dorian doesn't really talk about drug use or anything that's really "newsworthy," at least from a Testosterone point of view.

However, after much soul searching, I decided to run it anyway, critics be damned. Dorian was the very best in his field for a long, long, time, and he generally refuses to do interviews with other magazines.

The interview may lack a Testosterone "edge," but fans of Dorian will enjoy it nonetheless. When you think of hardcore training, which professional bodybuilder's name pops right to mind?

If you think of serious work in the gym and a no-bullshit training ethic, you're probably thinking of Dorian Yates. Throughout his professional and competitive career, Yates was regarded as "The Shadow," someone who didn't run his mouth too much.

He just showed up for contests and kicked everyone's ass. Always in tip-top condition onstage, his unwillingness to flap his gums for entertainment only added to the mystique. The man would be near pounds with skin like transparent parchment.

The other competitors would take one look at him and know they were fighting for second place. Until injuries forced him to retire, nobody could touch him. Since retiring, Dorian has begun his own supplement company bearing his name and likeness and has been highly visible at bodybuilding shows and expos, but what he's continued to do is not talk too much to the press. Still very popular and remaining something of a man of mystery, Dorian Yates consented to a wide-ranging interview with T-mag.

T estosterone: The perception in the bodybuilding public is that you worked harder than anybody else in the world.

In this whole equation, what role do anabolics play? It's a level playing field in the sense that everyone uses whatever they want to use, but for you, what was the most important part of this equation?

Dorian: Like you said, it's an even playing field as far as drugs go. All the guys pretty much have access to the same thing. So how do you separate first place from tenth place? Is it only hard work? Do the judges know if someone else worked as hard as I did? In addition to hard work, there's meticulous planning, working hard all year round, and eating correctly all year round so you get maximum results. It's making sure you get your rest.

how long does synthol last

For me, it was almost an obsession every day. I was doing whatever I could to optimize my training all year round. I wasn't taking two or three months off after the Mr. Olympia like some of the guys were.

I wasn't eating at McDonald's in the off season, then twelve weeks before a contest deciding "Now I'm going to start eating properly. The reason I was able to beat them was that work ethic and the dedication to training all year round, which wasn't really a problem for me because I love to train.

That was the difference. Sure, there are people I've beaten, that if I could get my head inside their body, it'd be scary. But fortunately they didn't have the mentality to do it. T: You seemed to just walk out onstage and intimidate them through personality and confidence.Forum Rules. We are trying to have a serious discussion here. Its far above your head.

Why dont u climb back up in those trees and leave science for those who got brains for it. Sent fra min BLA-L29 via It doesnt cause water retention in some of us fat boy. It also is easily arguable. Look at this way According to your science i should be dead. I have shot 6 g's of gear with no AI.

Primo is fine as it is not known to be liver toxic. Anavar is one of the least liver toxic oral steroids, but they are all toxic to some degree. Extremely helpful thankyou for putting so much effort into this post. Remember Me? Register What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 40 of Thread: synthol - Thoughts on permanent growth.

Join Date Dec Location uk Posts 7, Is it possible that it stretches muscle fascia allowing for permanent growth in that area? Please do not reply to this thread if you are going to tell me synthol is bad or mention greg vallentino. Join Date Sep Posts 3, It has a place in BB.

Ive used it once, in my tris and bi's. It worked well in my tris and has stayed for approx 6 months now. I didnt want to use very much because of all the horror stories you hear about. Synthol does help certain muscle groups get larger, many BB's use this when competing and they need to bring up a lagging bodypart, if use correctly and not abused the results are good and IMHO it does stretch the fascia, results normally last around 18 months depends on which product you use, Its very easy to abuse this product because after a few weeks you see a difference and with some BB's who struggle and have tried a life time to get big arms then suddenly they have them, its very easy to start shooting everywhere and anything, Ive seen and Ive had good solid results using this product, Ive seen arms of 17ins go to 20ins and still look hard and veiny, i wouldn't advice any newbie to look at this product, only advance competing BB's who need an extra inch on lagging bodyparts.

I have had problems developing biceps. Everything else grows but them.Synthol is an intermuscular fatty acid that bodybuilders are now using to give increased size in small muscle groups. Gains of 1 inch in muscles like the calves, biceps, and shoulders are not unheard of.

Synthol is actually a synthetic oil that is injected right in to the muscles you want to enhance in size. The way that this product works is that it becomes encapsulated between the fasicles bundles of muscle fibers. Upon repeated injections, a huge bolus of the oil accumulates, adding volume to the injected muscle.

It will not be stored as bodyfat but will be burned very fast as fuel. Synthol also contained 7. Because of the structure of Synthol and the fast encapsulation your enzyme system, your body has a real hard time spotting the substance and breaking it down.

Rich Piana on Synthol

Supposedly if you use this product correctly you won't come down with any kind of infection or any really bad side effects. To get no detrimental effects you have to be careful about the amounts you inject the first couple of times you use the stuff, otherwise you could experience an accumulation of lymphatic fluids in your arms for a couple of days.

Working out while taking Synthol is quite another story. Synthol makes it real hard at first to train because sometimes after just one set of any upper body exercise, your guns will feel pumped like after a hundred sets of any arm exercise. I have not tried this nor Esiclene, but this product is supposedly more painful than esiclene with all of the swelling that you will experience from using this compound. Esiclene was an itallian steroid that was used a lot in the '80's for causing site swelling in order to also bring up laggin bodyparts.

Supposedly, not too many people can stand the pain when using Synthol for enlarging the calves, it's just so nasty. As far as side effects are concerned, that is still up in the air. The makers of the substance say that there are really no side effects but injecting any significant amount of fatty-acid material intramuscularly can be extremely dangerous.

When you jab a syringe into a muscle without any knowledge or regard to nerve distribution, you may hit a nerve and possibly cause permanent paralysis of groups of muscle fibers within that area.

And besides the increased possibility of developing abscesses, there is also the possibility you might inject the fat into a vein or artery and cause serious tissue damage downstream.

If this stuff is accidentally injected into a vein or artery, it could be transported into the lungs, possibly causing a "pulmonary embolism" or perhaps even into the brain, causing a "cardioembolic stroke. The bottom line is that you need to weigh the risks to benefits ratio for yourself and decide if it is worth it for you to get some instant gains.

In my opinion, this would be an excellent precontest drug but for the average bodybuilder that will never compete it really is not worth the pain or cost to use. I have not used this compound and probably never will. It is just another of those things that competitive bodybuilders use to give them an edge over the competition. Be sure to use sterile technique at all times.Just like you need to take care of yourself to avoid any infection or disease, same is the case with your car which needs constant care and maintenance.

One of the most important factor to keep your car up and running is the oil used to lubricate your car, which decreases the friction and helps your engine stay cool and provides a cushion for the engine. Many people are confused while choosing the perfect oil for their vehicles and since the synthetic oil is the latest technology and much more expensive than its alternatives, many concerned people often ask the same question, how long does synthetic oil last?

For many years people have been bearing with the same old petroleum based oil that would worsen the performance of even a new car.

Synthetic oil may be a touch more expensive than other oils, but it makes up for its expense through twice the mileage that can be covered, as compared to any regular oil which you have to change consistently.

There are many factors that regular oil cannot adapt to; your surroundings cold and hot temperature can badly affect the simple oil hence affecting your cars performance.

The Synthetic oil is the ideal choice for people who believe in a pollution free environment, and want to go green as well. So for all you who ask, how long does synthetic oil last? Rest assure it lasts much more than you can ever imagine and while lasting so much more than any regular oil, it increases the efficiency of your engine which ensures a long and smooth road trip.

Talk to experts and make your old car feel young once again because your car deserves nothing but the best, after the synthetic oil experience your car will never be the same again and everyone who asks, how long does synthetic oil last will see for themselves.

Synthetic oil may prove to be the quality you were always looking for because there is no other oil that is as advanced as synthetic oil; it holds an edge over other oils which make it a quite an obvious choice for everyone.

So next time when you plan to change your oil, make sure to make the wise choice. Skip to content. Related Posts.The following material is solely for information purposes. Complications reported in this section are based on phalloplasty revision surgeries performed at our facility due to previous fat injection procedures and their associated complications. The concept of free fat transfer FFT has been around since the late s when fat was first reported to be used to fill soft tissue defects.

The scope of fat transfer techniques has been continuously broadened to include tissue defect repairs in the face, breasts, and other areas of the body. Despite advancements in harvesting and transfer, the effects of free fat transfer have been shown to be rather limited. FFT is mostly effective when used to fill small soft tissue defects in the face and in areas with scarring. Fat grafting procedures are mostly performed by qualified plastic surgeons. The procedure entails the harvesting of fat tissue, mostly from the abdominal area, and the transfer of the harvested fat into other parts of the body.

The transfer of harvested fat tissue is then performed using cannulas and needles. Despite initial beliefs, fat tissue has been discovered to consist of fat cells with a thin membrane and a network of fibrous tissue providing its structural network. Fat tissue is also highly vascularized and its survival after transfer requires integration into the surrounding tissue for later revascularization. Bodybuilding Forums

Fat transfer procedures are generally very minimally invasive, cost efficient, and do not require the insertion of foreign material. The success of a fat transfer procedure usually depends on the:. The ideal location for fat transfer is in areas of the body which naturally contain a fair amount of fat, but may have diminished over the years- transfer of fat to areas with no natural fat content is not recommended for many reasons.

Fat injected into areas requiring volume-enhancement produces safe, long-lasting, and natural-appearing results as volume is replaced to tissues where fat is diminished. While the use of free fat transfer FFT has become mainstream in plastic and reconstructive surgery, its use has so far only been approved for the correction of defects mainly in the face, not for use in the penis.

The use of fat for penis augmentation has not yet been approved by the American Urology Aassociation:. For the transferred fat tissue to survive, it requires a process called neovascularization where new blood vessels build and grow inside the fat tissue.

Neovascularization is initiated by the surrounding fat and soft tissue. This process is accompanied by an inflammatory reaction which results in a replacement of the transferred fat cells with connective and fibrotic tissue. This mechanism is one of the most important factors why fat transfer is not an appropriate technique for penile augmentation.

Fat tissue transfer has been recommended to areas where natural fat has previously existed so that newly transferred fat tissue can integrate into pre-existing fat and fill up the lost volume. When transferred under the penile skin, where natural fat has never existed, the newly transferred fat tissue survives by integrating itself inside the soft tissue of the underlying shaft and the overlying skin.

By doing so, it does not only take away nutrition from the skin, but it also leads to fibrosis, scarring, and possible skin necrosis. In fact, when too much fat has been transferred into one location, the removal of the excess graft is very difficult due to tissue infiltration into the fat graft.

Simply said, fat tissue transfer should only be attempted in areas with some pre-existing natural fat. If transferred to an inappropriate location, adhesions, scarring, and soft tissue damage may occur. The amount of surviving fat tissue has also been widely studied in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery:. When reading the above listed values, one needs to keep in mind that these are observations after using proper FFT techniques with transfer of fat to areas containing pre-existing fat.

The loss of fat grafts injected inside the penis is usually much more dramatic compared to the above numbers. Penis fat grafts usually tend to be absorbed starting 3 months after initial injection.

Transferred fat being absorbed almost instantly requires touch ups every few months in order to maintain size and aesthetically acceptable proportion.

When transferred again, the same risks and complications are expected to occur.By crazypaver1August 13, in Steroid and Testosterone information. Personally, i don't understand why the hell anyone would inject oil into their muscle I can't imagine it'll be good for you, not long term anyways, doesn't improve your strength or any other benefits, apart from making you look bigger.

Synthol is a site enhancing sterile oil. Its not injected between muscle and fat????!! Its injected into the muscle, where ultimately it will stretch the muscle facia, allowing you to build new tissue into the stretched area.

Its complex to use, requires alot of injecting, needs to be researched and used properly or you can fuk up with lumpy out of proportion sites etc. Used well, can be awesome. I have researched this alot recently, not ready for it yet but someday im going to give it a shot.

Synthol Vs Hyaluronic Acid Site Enhancement Products In Bodybuilding

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how long does synthol last

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Hyaluronic Acid: How The Bodybuilding Supplement May Fight Aging!

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how long does synthol last

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